Enhance wellbeing and watch your business bloom.

Improved performance. Greater engagement. A retained, diverse talent pool. Reduced absenteeism and burnout. A responsible and compassionate culture. These are just some of the results our clients see when working with Talking Talent to enhance wellbeing.

Wellbeing and Sustainable Performance Coaching

Talking Talent’s 2017 research revealed that over half (57%) of all professionals feel worn out by the environment in which they work. In the US, over 1 million workers are absent every day due to stress, equating to 550 million days lost annually. NIOSH also reported that work related stress cost the US economy nearly $300 billion a year.

Focusing on wellbeing has been proven to drive sustained performance in senior leaders and their teams, however, creating an organizational culture where everyone is more engaged, productive and able to sustain performance.

Putting wellbeing, balance and resilience front and centre to the strategic aims of organizations builds resilience and productivity, sustainably achieving better business outcomes through high performance.

Talking Talent supports organizations to establish a proactive, tailored and preventative approach to wellbeing. We work with individuals and organizations to create coaching-led interventions based on a diagnostic framework specifically tailored to a leadership audience. These interventions are designed to enhance wellbeing, identify unique issues and provide tools to deliver lasting change.

Our wellbeing coaching programs also focus on periods of uncertainty, such as organizational change, providing a positive focus and enabling individuals to take charge of the change affecting them and perform under pressure.

Understanding your organization’s real need

To design the most appropriate and timely intervention for an individual, department, peer group or create an organization-wide wellbeing strategy, it’s important to fully understand wellbeing levels in the present moment.

Talking Talent partners with GLWS (the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey) to undertake an initial diagnostic survey. GLWS is a new way to measure and understand wellbeing designed exclusively for more senior company members. It’s a credible, engaging tool for driving enhanced wellbeing and Talking Talent is the first organization to pioneer its use in the US and UK in relation to gender-led initiatives.

Drawing from cutting-edge research and first-hand insights into the stresses and strains of senior leaders, the GLWS survey explores the aspects of work and life that have the most impact on wellbeing. GLWS is delivered via an accessible, best-practice, secure online platform, and is supported by hands-on, deeply knowledgeable, specialist coaches.

How it works

1:1 Coaching

Talking Talent introduces GLWS to a particular 1:1 coaching program when the coach or coachee identifies a need to involve Wellbeing, whether it’s Working Parents, Women’s Leadership or Executive. It would typically form the basis of one of the sessions.

Senior Leadership

Talking Talent’s Wellbeing program can be performed across the senior leadership team to act as positive reinforcement and be a proactive tool to identify particular areas of risk to the individual and business continuity. An individual report is produced and followed up, with several face-to-face coaching sessions.

Consulting Session

Talking Talent can also run consultative group sessions across a team, function or an area known to have wellbeing issues. A collective report highlighting key trends, strengths, weaknesses, similarities and differences will be produced and followed by a group coaching program to design and action a strategy for enhancing wellbeing.

The benefits

Wellbeing is central to achieving the strategic aims of both organizations and individuals by:

  • Driving sustained performance in individuals including working parents and their teams
  • Enhancing productivity, engagement and retention
  • Reducing absenteeism, burnout and the damaging impacts of ‘presenteeism’ (a fairly recent workplace term, coined to highlight the negative aspect of over-attendance at work)
  • Highlighting potential flight risks to ensure business continuity
  • Creating positive action to tackle the debilitating impact of mental ill health
  • Enhancing a responsible and compassionate organizational culture

We are all facing an unprecedented pace of change as modern life continues to travel at breakneck speed. So, adopting and adapting are crucial qualities for commercial success. All types of organizations need to place new importance on the all-around wellbeing of their people, by investing in workplace initiatives such as coaching and other forms of support. This research can really help us better understand a new source of competitive advantage. People really are the most valuable asset for any organization.”

Sally Evans, Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Wellbeing Consultant at PwC

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