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Talking Talent Online supports working parents and helps them succeed.  A portable coaching solution for busy parent-professionals, we help them manage balance, set boundaries and achieve brilliance.  Talking Talent Online benefits businesses as well as working parents, with improved employee retention, rapid scalability and reporting with results, it’s a no brainer.

Experience an
immediate confidence
Instantly feel better
equipped to manage
career and family.
Feel more supported
by their company.
Increase in retention
in the first year.
Would highly
recommend it.
Average engagement
A person on average
logs in twice a week.
Hours of coaching
per person per year.
Average coach rating
(out of 5).
People are logging
in from 6 continents.

People Not Pixels

We believe in nurturing working parent professionals.  More than a digital device, our sophisticated coaching platform has been created with people at the heart of all that we offer.  We know that every organization has different needs and priorities due to the increasingly diverse working population. 

But we also understand the one thing that most working parents have in common: overwhelm - juggling the balance, the constant battle between succeeding at work and having a happy home life.  That’s where we come in.

Talking Talent Online creates balance for working parents, supporting and encouraging them, ensuring that they really can have it all, at a place and time to suit their individual needs.  Innovative, huh?

Innovation for your Organization

We’ve devised a distinct design, no other exists like it in the world.  All of the convenience of an app with all of the intelligence and individuality of personal coaching, it’s completely unique.  We’ve been doing this a long time and during our decade-plus of experience, we’ve collated a whole lot of research on the transition to working parenthood which we’ve used to tailor our content to what the audience needs. 13 years of experience in one portable place, addressing global issues with regional content.

Consistent and cost-effective, our coaching solution is designed to offer affordable, robust career support at every stage of development.  With promoted gender parity and protection for your talent pipeline, our sophisticated reporting system allows businesses to measure what matters most, from engagement rate and confidence levels to progress and impact in your company.  Support for your top team, success for your bottom line.

Inspirational Content

A wide range of coaching solutions means that employees can engage with the content which they resonate with most, depending on their stage of leave.  From high-quality video masterclasses and interactive tools to inspirational stories and motivational messages, a combination of push content with time-sensitive prompts straight to their inbox and pull content as and when employees want to delve deeper on different topics, there’s something to suit every single need – for your working parents and your organization.

Live coaching programs, a supportive community providing comradeship around the clock and our revolutionary Ask a Coach function which offers live coaching coverage from a qualified ICF certified coach any time of day.  So if employees have a burning question at 3 am (#workingparentlife) we have a highly accredited commercial coach ready to answer their query with a response guaranteed within 24 hours.

Line managers benefit too with spot-on guidance, delivered straight to their inbox to up their game and lead from the front. World-class coaching content and toolkits are available at their fingertips - including a unique 100-day plan, our time-tested, best-practice formula - and are triggered according to their employees' stage of parental leave.

Thought-provoking Videos

Blending Online with Live

Talking Talent Online has been integrated into the majority of our live coaching programs.  This gives access for individuals to greater content and enhanced support while simultaneously offering a scalable way to bring live coaching programs to a broader audience than is normally affordable or practical for large companies. 

Importance of Intelligence

We appreciate the difficulties that organizations often have understanding and interpreting the unique challenges their people face.  Talking Talent Online unlocks access to the data to gain a better grasp of what is driving your people.  Get in-depth intelligence on issues and trends in your company by receiving information on usage, most visited content and user feedback.  Intelligence that is unique to your organization with on-demand data that tells you what you want to know when you need to know it.

Get Access

Get Access

Are you a new or expectant parent seeking a stress-free transition?

Perhaps you’re a line manager looking for the best ways to support your team and better understand their needs?

Or are you an HR manager keeping on top of the paperwork and the protocol, managing all of the people and the processes?  You would probably welcome a helping hand with what’s happening when and what you need to do next.

Our programs have been designed to inspire and support everybody in your organization because we know communication is key.  Keeping the conversation going at all times pre, during and post parental leave, our revolutionary program quite literally keeps everyone talking

“We chose to use Talking Talent Online as part of the blend of support that we offer working parents at PwC – it complements the coaching program and other initiatives, by offering 24/7 support and a place that people can go to for expert guidance even when they’re on leave. As a business, it also means we can extend this kind of expert support to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. We want to support our people who have busy lives, helping them create sustainable careers here at PwC, and making the transition smoother for the business and the wider team. The key benefits for us are the increased engagement of new and expectant parents at the firm, the improved communication between line managers and their team members, and maintaining business & team performance during periods that could be much more challenging without this kind of support.”

Sarah Churchman MBE, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at PwC

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