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Who are Talking Talent?

We are a coaching consultancy providing best in class coaching for working women and parents in the UK.
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  • All in a decade’s work: Look who’s Talking Talent now
    Talking Talent celebrates ten years of business, marked by an anniversary event for clients and colleagues on 30th September 2015 at The Soho Hotel in London
  • Lloyds Banking Group Case Study
    Committed to building a diverse and inclusive organisation, unlocking the potential of all their key talent, Lloyds Banking Group wanted to address the shortfall in female talent progressing through the organisation.
  • Women-only coaching support: why bother?
    Why women-only coaching programmes are making a difference to the female talent pipeline.
Since our inception in 2005, we have delivered coaching to more than 15,000 women, working parents and managers, working across many industry sectors and all levels of business.