Women at Work

Women at work

Women at Work



Talking Talent’s mission is to create more inclusive work cultures where all talent can prosper and progress to the top.

Women today are still vastly under-represented in corporate leadership. They lead just 2.6% of the Fortune Global 500 (2020) and hold only 29% of senior management roles worldwide, Grant Thornton Women in Business 2020.

As the largest “minority” by far, even in this current decade, it still makes sense to start inclusion and diversity endeavours with women. Not only does prioritising female talent ensure gender diversity and maximise talent potential, it’s been proven to open the door to further diversity, improving inclusion across the organisation.

Our Women’s Leadership development programmes deliver female-focused career coaching designed to fast-track your talent potential, close the gender pay gap, and increase the number of women at the top.

Women in senior positions means better business performance.

"Leaders must act fast or risk losing millions of women from the workforce and setting gender diversity back years."

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and co-founder of LeanIn.Org

Women’s Leadership Coaching

Flying the Flag for Female Talent.

Over 10,000 women have experienced our women in leadership development programme to date. Our coaching unlocks an individual’s full potential, aligned with their own goals and those of the business.

Blending 1:1, group, digital coaching and manager interactions, our programmes are designed to fast-track your talent potential and improve the pipeline. Our career coaching creates a safe space for your women to strengthen their skills, share their experiences and succeed. Coaches help people connect to purpose, build their influence, and hone their leadership identity. This simultaneously impacts innovation and increases engagement, driving a tangible return on investment.

Fast track your female talent today.


Female Executive 1:1 Coaching

Working 1:1 With Your Women.

Our female executive career coaching works 1:1 with your greatest female talent to unlock their potential and encourage progression.  For your women, we create confidence and uncover the talent within.  For your organisation, we increase innovation, improve inclusion and create real value.

Whether leadership development coaching for experienced leaders or for those at a crossroads or changing roles, our coaching meets your women where they are. We offer sustainable performance and resilience coaching for navigating high-pressure roles alongside coaching for the personal and the professional, coaching the whole woman, not just the working woman.

Your women might just be your secret weapon.

Companies with three or more women in top management positions deliver a higher return on sales and invested capital.

Intentional Allyship

Together We Thrive.

We champion the importance of allyship and having strong advocates of all genders, races, ethnicity and sexualities. Our founder Chris Parke was an early ally for celebrating female talent and today his attitude is more relevant than ever. Allyship is not an identity. It is about developing your culture through purposeful and intentional actions to support and uplift others, acting consciously and conscientiously to create systemic change. This is what contributes to an inclusive organisation that promotes belonging and benefits others. Our coaching empowers people to be an advocate for change and gives them the tools to be an effective ally in the workplace through everyday interactions and in-the-moment interventions that support others.

Allyship involves everyone.


Wellbeing and Sustainable Performance

All of our programmes have a focus on wellbeing and sustainable performance in a proactive and preventative way. We aim to peel back the layers, creating a multi-dimensional approach to work and life as one, tackling the intersection of work and life to build long-lasting habits that reduce stress, prevent burnout and build resilience.

We integrate wellbeing into all of our work.

Innovation is six times higher in companies where men and women are treated equally.

Ready to support your women and create change?

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The Power of Exclusion

Because our mission is to create more inclusive workplaces, where all under-represented talent has potential to progress, it makes good sense to start with a focus on women. Not only are they the largest minority, increasing female representation in leadership roles is proven to open the door to further diversity.

Read the paper   on the diversity paradox.