Executive Coaching


Propelling your female leaders and organisation to greater success.

Talking Talent’s coaching programmes for female executives support and challenge individuals to develop their career and personal vision in a way that is authentic and sustainable to them, while also aligned with strategic business goals.

All organisations and individuals are unique and our range of coaching programmes reflects that. We offer a choice of five tailored programmes for senior female talent. A complimentary introductory chemistry session with an Executive Coach adapts the program further to meet your particular objectives.

Executive Women's Programmes

At the start of all our Executive Coaching programmes, we collaborate with you to agree the purpose and intended outcomes for the individual – whether progression, skills uplift, self-awareness, career transition, role development, career review, performance maximisation – or something else. At the same time, we define the strategic importance of the coaching programme to the organisation with the goal of creating a non-judgemental space that embraces personal development and ensures the female talent pipeline is always increasing.

Taking a tailored approach, Talking Talent coaches both women and the wider systemic environment to ensure clarity of direction, support and progression. It’s not just about helping individuals recognise their ambitions, but also enabling the organisation to provide high quality support and create the environment they need to succeed.

The outcome is a transformative programme that identifies unique issues and provides the tools to deliver lasting, meaningful change where it is needed most.

Five Leading Edge Executive Coaching Programmes

Leadership Development Coaching

For: Experienced senior leaders wanting the next stretch or talented emerging leaders.

Exploring what kind of a leader you want to be. Improving gravitas, presence, and stakeholder management. Developing yourself with confidence for your next role.

Strategic Career Review Coaching

For: Individuals at a career crossroads, wanting to work out what’s next.

Working out where you want to go and how to get there. Taking stock of career, values, and skills. Creating a long-term career plan. Combining vision and realism.

Flying Start Coaching

For: Individuals coming up to, or having recently started, a role transition.

Making a strong early impact in your new role. Setting yourself up for success in the first 100 days and beyond. Improving stakeholder management. Building the right relationships.

Sustainable Performance and Resilience Coaching

For: Individuals managing high-pressure roles, projects, or prolonged periods of stress.

Refocusing. Reflecting on what is working and what is not. Understanding stress, improving work-life balance, managing expectations, setting boundaries, developing resilience.

Life Meets Work Coaching

For: Women juggling a demanding professional role and heavy personal demands (e.g. Family, Childcare, Menopause, Eldercare).

Achieving better balance between professional demands and personal. Finding authentic relationships: role models, sponsors, mentors. Gaining clarity and perspective.

Accelerating performance and leadership awareness

Everything we undertake in Executive Coaching is geared towards accelerating performance and leadership awareness. Talking Talent provides quality comprehensive programme management and reporting to maximise success. By drawing on extensive techniques including NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), somatics, emotional intelligence and positive psychology, our work with individuals increases their self-awareness, allowing them to realise their full potential. We use a range of tools in our coaching to enhance thinking, provide robust challenge and support people to move ever forward in exploring their individual and commercial goals.

All programmes are available in 6-month packages, which include 10 hours of 1:1 coaching with an Executive Coach, and 12-month packages, which include 19 hours.

Both packages include:

  • Complimentary chemistry call (30 minutes).
  • 2 x 30 minute objective alignment tripartite meetings (coach, coachee, line-manager).
  • 2 x self-awareness diagnostic tools — choose between:  personalised ‘360 Feed-Forward’; Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) report; StrengthscopeLeader report.
  • Unlimited e-mail support from your coach in between sessions.

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