Robbie Green

Robbie Green

Working Parent Coach


  • Working Parents 
  • Work-life integration
  • Women in Leadership
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Executive Coaching


  • Certified Professional Coach 
  • Certified Executive Coach 
  • Masters of Science, Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
  • Working Mom for over 23 Years 

Robbie Green is the Working Mom’s Coach! She works with Working Women, especially Working Moms, to help them achieve a better quality of life, as they fulfill the demanding role of mom and employee. Robbie is a certified Professional and Executive coach.

Robbie coaches with empathy and energy.  She knows how to meet people exactly where they are and help them get to where they want to be.  She is a sounding board -  listening to the things that concern parents.  She is a springboard – helping new working parents get that bounce back in their step. And, she is a surfboard – helping parents navigate the waves of life, one wave, and one day at a time.

Robbie knows that Working Moms suffer from feelings of guilt, being overwhelmed, unappreciated, and complete exhaustion - often suffering in silence. She knows because she has been a working mom for over 23 years. She has lived with her family in 3 different states, many times with no family around. These were the moments she wished she had a Working Mom’s Coach in her life; to be a coach, cheerleader, and sometimes referee! Nonetheless, it was during those times that she learned to bloom where she was planted, make the most of every situation, and began to develop a true passion for the challenges that Working Moms face.