Freddie Alves

Freddie Alves

Managing Director - Inclusion with Purpose

Areas of Expertise

  • Integration of I&D into business strategies and practices 
  • Creating actionable insights on I&D
  • Leadership education and competency development around I&D
  • Unconscious bias training and interventions
  • Constructing effective measurement systems for I&D
  • Audit and improvement of priority, diversity-sensitive business and talent processes 
  • Targeted development programmes for under-represented talent 
  • External and internal benchmarking
  • Development of practical tools 
  • Delivering tailored research into areas of  focus


  • BSc (Hons), Durham University
  • MSc,

Freddie is one of the most experienced leaders and consultants in the field of inclusion and diversity (I&D). For nearly 20 years he has been helping organisations make sense of how their specific business is affected by diversity. He helps them use that knowledge to build strategies for better performance in key areas such as customer satisfaction, market share or talent retention and engagement.

Freddie’s early career as a scientist and business manager in the Energy industry highlighted the challenges created by differences among the individuals, cultures and systems. Yet it also highlighted the business value of understanding and managing diversity well. 

While he grew up and was educated in the UK, Freddie has spent most of the last 20 years living in Asia, America and other parts of Europe. Most recently he lived with his partner in Singapore for 4 years while working as an in-house I&D leader – for Credit Suisse and then as Global Head of I&D for the Rio Tinto Group. This in-house experience ensures that Freddie has a pragmatic view of how to approach I&D in challenging business conditions and fast-moving cultures.