Case Studies

case studies

Case Studies

At Talking Talent we’ve improved the performance of some of the world’s most successful multinational organisations. Featured below is a snapshot of some of our impact stories.

Partnership with RBC


Reflecting on recent events of racial injustice and social unrest, RBC recognized an opportunity to work on strengthening the culture of diversity and inclusion within their own organization and called upon Talking Talent to help out. 

Partnership with an accounting firm

This global award-winning accounting firm worked with Talking Talent to be able to provide more workplace family-friendly support to help employees push their performance to the next level while also being present at home.

Partnering with RSM

RSM engaged coaching from Talking Talent to support working caregivers, particularly in the areas of priority management, capacity conservation, self-awareness, and boundary setting.

Partnership with Spirax Sarco Engineering

How Talking Talent's digital coaching is helping parents at Spirax Sarco.

Partnership with LCP 

LCP has engaged award-winning coaching consultancy Talking Talent to help its staff and partners as they prepare for parental leave and to empower managers as they support individuals through the parent transition.

Partnership with Siemens

Women into Leadership programme at Siemens to accelerate the progression of high potential women and improve gender balance at the top.

Partnership with EY

A dedicated programme of maternity coaching for managers and employees. Delivering a 17.5% increase in retention and £16.6m in savings in year 1.

Partnership with Lloyds Banking Group

A Women in Leadership coaching programme that has seen 80% of the 2015 cohorts moving roles and/or taking on increased responsibility.

Partnership with Citi

A dedicated programme of maternity coaching for managers and senior women. Increasing retention to 97% and delivering £1.75m in savings.

Partnership with M&S

40% of senior positions now filled by high performing women, accelerated by Female Leadership Development Programme.

Partnership with Unilever

The launch of Talking Talent Online has been strongly supported at the most senior levels and its success is shown by the roll out to over 90 countries within 18 months.

Partnership with Fortune 500 Bank

A dedicated female leadership programme resulting in promotions for 40% of participants and retention rates of up to 100%..

Partnership with Magic Circle Law Firm

Within two years of working with Talking Talent, their retention rates of talented women following maternity leave rose by 144%.

What our clients say

One of the great things about working with Talking Talent is their ability to fit in with our needs across different offices, different languages and different geographies. Whether its one-to-one coaching in Greece, or German speaking sessions in Switzerland, they are always able to deliver. We are delighted to be expanding the programme, it is making a real difference to the performance of our people and the business.

Valerie Guertler-Doyle, Head of D&I, Switzerland at Novartis

We are all facing an unprecedented pace of change as modern life continues to travel at breakneck speed. So, adopting and adapting are crucial qualities for commercial success. All types of organisation need to place new importance on the all-around wellbeing of their people, by investing in workplace initiatives such as coaching and other forms of support. This research can really help us better understand a new source of competitive advantage. People really are the most valuable asset for any organisation.

Sally Evans, Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Wellbeing Consultant at PwC

We believe that the success and impact that we have experienced through investing in parental transitions can be shared and replicated with many other organisations, and can make an important contribution to raising the quality of working life for new parents whilst helping businesses succeed.  The Team at Talking Talent have been pivotal in helping us design, develop and deliver our practice.  We have benefited from their experience and flexible approach, we have a highly valued working partnership.

Carolanne Minashi, Head of Diversity at UBS

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