Balance and boundaries.

Today many of us struggle with feeling overwhelmed and over-extended, and we feel that every day is a ‘race against the clock’. We are constantly playing ‘catch-up’ with the whirlwind of commitments. Read our tips on maintaining balance and boundaries.

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Empty gestures and passive policies aren’t enough – it’s time for change

9th January 2020

Appearing on the website, our CEO Chris Parke looks back on companies’ lack of D&I efforts in 2019 and what needs to change in 2020.

What’s The Next Step in Inclusion and Equity in The Workplace? Embracing Working Parents

3rd January 2020

A recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that in 2018, 61% of married couples with children reported being employed. These numbers are increasing and likely indicates one of two things: some of your best employees have children; or, at some point in life, intend to, writes Teresa...

Staff need more than duvet days to combat work-related stress

13th December 2019

A day’s respite from the pressures of work is great, says Chris Parke, co-founder and CEO at Talking Talent, but it will do very little to solve the mental health crisis. Read more in People Management

Talking Talent Names Michelle D’Souza as National Sales Director

2nd December 2019

Talking Talent, the leading global coaching consultancy specializing in working parents, women’s leadership, and inclusion, announced today that Michelle D’Souza has joined its team as National Sales Director. Within this role, Michelle will drive the organization's business development and sales targeting strategies in North America. With over 20 years of...

Millennial dads don’t want to be part-time parents

19th November 2019

Working fathers are breaking free from tired clichés of lazy dads who see their role as taking the kids off their partner’s hands for a few hours on a Sunday. Today, dads are more involved in day-to-day parenting than ever before. Unfortunately, the work-place hasn’t caught up yet. Talking Talent’s...

The system is failing new parents – here’s how to fix it

11th November 2019

Read Chris Parkes' article in People Management that looks at how current parental leave laws affect new fathers, with a golden opportunity for the new government to make drastic improvements.

Parenthood enhances - not kills - professional performance

11th November 2019

Page 14 of Parent Talk Magazine reviews Talking Talent's research into parenthood and working parents, showing that work skills and professional performance actually improve.

A challenge to the Prime Minister to do more for dads

29th October 2019

Rob Bravo, of Talking Talent, explains why it’s vital that Boris Johnson finishes what Theresa May started: not Brexit, but increasing paternity leave. Read the full article here on

Becoming a parent boosts work performance

28th October 2019

This article from HR Magazine looks at Talking Talent's research "Expecting more than a baby" and while parents feel their competence improves after having children, employers still focus on the challenges of balancing work and family life. Read the full article here and download the research here .

Companies must make a choice: flex or fail

28th October 2019

In this piece from Workingdads, Rob Bravo, coaching director and head of wellbeing at Talking Talent, writes about the stark choice facing firms who want to thrive as their millennial workforce is paused to make up 35% of the global workforce. Read more here .