Why Talking Talent

Why TT

Why Talking Talent?

Most people believe their organisation is inclusive, and yet...


of professionals witness bias at work


of professionals speak up when bias occurs


of women of colour have made it to the C-suite

Clearly, we all have more work to do – even the best-intentioned among us.

What everyone needs to thrive

At Talking Talent, we help you create actively inclusive workplaces – places where everyone can belong and grow. Talking Talent employers have lower attrition costs and move more under-represented talent into leadership roles.

Value to the organisation


Move more diverse candidates up the ladder


Talking Talent clients save £150M+ in retention alone


Inclusion boosts the bottom line


Our clients win coveted employer awards

Value to employees


Amplify impact and manage up 


Forge stronger colleague connections


Achieve career goals


Get a fresh outlook in moments that matter

Working with leading global organisations

“Siemens is leading the way in our sector with the launch of our new ‘Women into Leadership’ programme. In a period when all big companies are under pressure to achieve the Government’s target of 30% female boardroom representation, I am so proud that we have walked the walk and translated debate into action. This is not about meeting targets. We have such an incredible diverse talent pool and we want to be the company where women have the same opportunities to rise to the top and become leaders just as much as men”.

Maria Ferraro, Chief Financial Officer, Siemens

What sets us apart

  • Coaching-led: Deep behavioural change experts support lasting change.
  • Committed to ROI: Measuring the commercial impact and the ‘softer’ benefits.
  • Coaching the system, not just the individual: Supporting employees, managers, and leaders for holistic impact.
  • A ‘whole person’ belief: Recognising how individual identities outside of work fit with professional identities and impact.
  • Business psychology: Highly accredited coaches with commercial backgrounds and solutions grounded in clinical research.
  • Truly global: Global delivery with deep local expertise.
  • Digitally blended: With one-to-one, group and digital coaching, coaching can be made available to the entire workforce in a scalable and cost-effective way.

Proof points

Diversity of thinking is essential to business performance. The only way to ‘shift the dial’ is to build more inclusive cultures where everyone is engaged and can reach their potential.

Our impact, at a glance:

  • EY: 17.5% increase in retention following parental leave saving £16.6million in attrition costs in one year
  • Lloyds Banking Group: 80% of participants increased responsibility or gained a promotion
  • Unilever: Online and mobile support for working parents and their managers in 90 countries
  • M&S: 40% of senior positions now filled by high performing women
  • Fortune 500 bank: retention rates of up to 100%

Client experience:

  • 75% of our clients have won awards and appeared in top league tables for diversity & inclusion
  • 88% of clients that measure ROI have seen a positive return and 8/10 say we exceeded expectations
  • Net promoter score is 54. (Above 50 is considered ‘excellent.’)

Let’s build some equity already.

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Our Partners

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Working Families is the UK’s work-life balance charity. Their mission is to remove the barriers that people with caring responsibilities face in the workplace. 



Parental Choice Ltd is the ‘one-stop shop’ for all queries regarding childcare options, including nursery education grant funding and dealing with the administration involved in employing a nanny.



Embryocare are an insurance company, providing cover for children from the 20 week scan.