Working Parents and Carers Coaching

Working Parents

Maximizing successful commercially beneficial parental transitions.

Too many high talent individuals are being lost by organizations during parental transitions, contributing heavily to the narrowing of the female pipeline. Providing high-quality, expert Parental Transitions Coaching, regardless of gender, is a key enabler of female talent progression, and a crucial contributor to achieving a more equal gender balance at senior levels.

Working Parents and Carers Coaching

Becoming a parent or carer shouldn’t be a barrier to success. Yet the stress of juggling parenting and caring responsibilities with the demands of work takes a toll on many parents’ personal and professional lives.

Successfully managing individuals through this transition, engaging and retaining talent for the long term, is one of the greatest challenges organizations face. Our research reveals one in two women cites becoming a parent as the key pinch-point in her career progression.

Talking Talent transforms how organizations manage and support their employees who are going through the transition to parenthood.

Our programs cover the four stages of parental transition: before the child’s arrival, preparing to return to work, after the return, and longer-term career sustainability.

Whether expecting or adopting, birth parent or otherwise, primary or non-primary carer; whether building up to going on parental leave, currently on leave, returning to work or having already returned; whether first-time parent or second-timer (or more), and whatever the family make-up, including same-sex parents and solo parents, our innovative Parental Transitions Coaching Programs are designed to help new parents – and their managers – experience a smooth and successful journey into parenthood. We help them to work out the best ways to combine their professional responsibilities with their new personal commitments.

Impact and Benefit

The commercial impact of loss of talent is directly felt on the bottom line. The programs we have run for our global, world-renowned clients have measurably saved them tens of millions of pounds, not to mention retaining key talent, increasing engagement levels, improving career momentum and fundamentally shifting workplace cultures.

With prospective employees increasingly mindful of which organizations will best support them during this critical time, an effective parental transitions support program can also contribute strongly to becoming and remaining an employer brand of choice

Key benefits for organizations:

  • Proven results in increasing retention rates of high calibre working parents and carers
  • Proven increase in performance of employees pre and post leave
  • Demonstrable career progression in years one to five after returning to work
  • Support to employees, managers and the organization during the parental leave process
  • Proven return on investment

Key benefits for parents and carers:

  • Feeling included, engaged, valued and supported in finding the right balance between family and work, which maximizes performance
  • Reduced stress through developing coping mechanisms for the transition back to work
  • Increased rate in which working parents and carers are able to add value on return to work leading to higher motivation, confidence, and commitment
  • Effective management of the whole transition to minimize any business disruption
  • Developing techniques for managing stakeholders internally
  • Demonstrable career progression

Wellbeing & Sustainable Performance is key

All Talking Talent programs have a focus on wellbeing and sustainable performance. Focusing on wellbeing has been proven to drive sustained performance in senior leaders and their teams, however, creating an organizational culture where everyone is more engaged, productive and able to sustain performance.

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Digital services to support global needs

Digital services to support global needs

Talking Talent Online helps individuals thrive at work. It is the portable coaching solution for busy professionals wanting support for their careers, and line managers who want to support them.

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Partnership with EY

A dedicated program of maternity coaching for managers and employees. Delivering a 17.5% increase in retention and $21m in savings in year 1.

With a focus on flexibility for all employees, E&Y was keen to support female talent through the maternity transition. The E&Y/TalkingTalent partnership began in 2011. To date, over 2,500 of their employees have been referred to Talking Talent for coaching.

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