Women's Leadership

Women's Leadership

Challenging the status quo and empowering your top female talent.

Talking Talent’s Women’s Leadership coaching is aimed at significantly improving the talent pipeline for organizations that recognize the commercial benefit of retaining and progressing their best female trailblazers.


The challenge of female representation at board level and the progression of women is well documented. Businesses and governments recognize that enabling women to work at the most senior levels is not just good for the individuals involved, but also makes sound business sense. We’re passionate about helping organizations achieve their equality goals and move far past current figures that show women make up just a small percentage of hires to executive boards.

Talking Talent’s coaching, which focuses on unlocking an individual’s full potential in line with their goals and those of the business, is undertaken on both a one to one and group-basis. Our program go beyond the usual leadership training courses as we encourage the group to establish a self-sustaining network to continue to coach each other beyond the life of the program.

As with so much of our coaching, while individuals are recognizing their ambitions, their managers are also involved in the program - setting objectives, providing support and reviewing progress. It’s never about managing just the immediate environment but holistic in considering organizational influences.


At the start of any program, we collaborate to agree the purpose and intended outcomes for the individual – progression, skills uplift, self-awareness, career transition, role development, career review or performance maximization. At the same time, we define the strategic importance of the coaching program to the organization with the goal of creating a non-judgemental space that embraces personal development and ensures the female talent pipeline is always increasing.

Taking a tailored approach, Talking Talent coaches both women and the wider systemic environment to ensure clarity of direction, support and progression. It’s not just about helping individuals recognize their ambitions, but also enabling the organization to provide high quality support and create the environment they need to succeed.

The outcome is a transformative program that identifies unique issues and provides the tools to deliver lasting, meaningful change where it’s needed most.

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The benefits of advancing critical skills

Talking Talent uses an innovative framework to structure coaching sessions and inspire participants’ thinking. The programs are informed by our extensive research and underpinned by a flexible array of tools, models and exercises. They aren’t off the shelf, but rather tailored intensive six to twelve-month leadership programs that drive real change.

Our in-depth research, together with experience of coaching over 15,000 women has allowed us to establish which skills and behaviors often emerge as ‘multipliers’ – the skills that enable women to display their authentic leadership styles most effectively and exceed their perceived potential.

Some outcomes for organizations include:

  • Enhanced business performance and bottom line impact
  • Increased retention and commitment
  • Career progression – improving gender diversity at senior levels
  • Individual performance improvement – unlocking full potential 
  • A stronger peer network

Wellbeing & Sustainable Performance is key

All Talking Talent programs have a focus on wellbeing and sustainable performance. Focusing on wellbeing has been proven to drive sustained performance in senior leaders and their teams, however, creating an organizational culture where everyone is more engaged, productive and able to sustain performance.

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Digital services to support global needs

Digital services to support global needs

Talking Talent Online helps individuals thrive at work. It is the portable coaching solution for busy professionals wanting support for their careers, and line managers who want to support them.

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Partnership with M&S

40% of senior positions now filled by high performing women, accelerated by Female Leadership Development Program.

As a company, M&S continues to drive diversity and inclusivity across the business. They strive to maintain at least 30% female directors on the Board and have exceeded this: 36% of their Board is female. In their senior management team, female representation also accounts for 40% globally.

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“Working with Talking Talent has been of tremendous value to my organization and to me. The coaching has enabled me to navigate my career through an extremely challenging time – so securing personal progression and critically allowing for continued business benefits to be achieved. The coaching is of the highest order."

"I credit my continued professional success and development this year to Talking Talent. Through the application of the right tools at the right time and using the right engagement style they have enabled me to move mountains, unlock potential and perform at the highest level. All achieved while improving my work-life balance.”

Director, Vodafone Deutschland 

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