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Our digital coaching tool makes coaching accessible to everyone in an affordable, scalable way.

Talking Talent Online

Talking Talent Online provides an individualized experience designed to mirror a coaching journey where users get personalized support for their highest priorities and just-in-time guidance to develop the skills and goals most meaningful to them.  

Deliver an online learning experience that’s truly personalized for each and every employee. AI-powered logic predicts what people need next – with human-driven and user-centered services that includes Ask a Coach direct messaging.   

Talking Talent’s 5th generation digital coaching platform uses a proprietary, research-driven design that works alone or alongside live coaching. With over a decade of digital innovation, Talking Talent offers the largest online library of resources with regional and locally-produced guides, tools, peer interviews, and video coaching. 

Built around the Center for Humane Technologies design principles, Talking Talent Online won the Learning Technologies Gold award for most innovative new product in recognition of the way it prioritizes wellbeing and ethical design. 

Ask A Coach 

Ask a Coach provides quick, one-to-one coaching through direct messaging. Employees and managers get on-demand advice and guidance from a certified coach. 

Ask a Coach is a low-barrier way to encourage employees to use coaching in-the-moment, when meaningful issues arise. The messaging platform makes it easy and reduces employee hesitancy to seek help. 

The Ask A Coach library is constantly updated with new resources, reflections and advice from all our regions – so support is right and always up-to-date. 

It’s the most economic option available to scale real human-to-human coaching across the organization. Ask a Coach is monitored around the clock by our global coaching staff in order to provide a responses 24-hours a day, Monday through Friday.  


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Blended Learning

Talking Talent programs are designed to support unique needs and learning styles. We offer digital, virtual, and in-person delivery. Blended learning includes a digital element designed to continue and reinforce the experience.

How Talking Talent Online is essential:

  • Improves remote working
  • Continuity & sustained support
  • Offers flexibility
  • Unlimited usage
  • Rapid reach

Proven Online Coaching Success

  • 72% of users feel more supported by their organization
  • Users rate coaching at 94% effective
  • Users report feeling more confident, better equipped, more supported, and empowered