Propelling your female leaders and organization to greater success.

Talking Talent’s coaching programs for female executives support and challenge individuals to develop their career and personal vision in a way that is authentic and sustainable to them, while also aligned with strategic business goals.

Executive Women's Programs

At the start of any program, we collaborate to agree the purpose and intended outcomes for the individual – progression, skills uplift, self-awareness, career transition, role development, career review or performance maximization. At the same time, we define the strategic importance of the coaching program to the organization with the goal of creating a non-judgmental space that embraces personal development and ensures the female talent pipeline is always increasing.

Taking a tailored approach, Talking Talent coaches both women and the wider systemic environment to ensure clarity of direction, support and progression. It’s not just about helping individuals recognize their ambitions, but also enabling the organization to provide high quality support and create the environment they need to succeed.

The outcome is a transformative program that identifies unique issues and provides the tools to deliver lasting, meaningful change where it’s needed most.

Three leading edge executive programs

Executive Coaching

The executive coaching we undertake is always geared towards improving performance, whether it’s helping an individual develop within a role or progress to the next. We seek to develop skill sets, focus on ambitions and improve confidence and self-belief.

Strategic Career Reviews

A coaching program that enables senior female executives the opportunity to look at where they are now and to put in place a strategic plan on getting where they want to be in the future. It’s the kind of coaching for women who are ambitious, want to develop and make it to the top, but unclear around the next move and in need of some organizational support.

Career Transitions

This coaching program is designed to support women through major career transitions, such as redundancy or internal restructuring. Career Transition coaching enables individuals to take stock of their career to date, to get clear around what next's and to put together a strategic plan in order to secure the best next position.

Achieving powerful results

Talking Talent’s Executive Women’s Programs are a powerful and transformational experience.

All organizations and individuals are unique so we make sure each program reflects this. A key area of focus is around improving performance through transitions. Typical transitions might be to new roles, to leadership or senior management positions, requiring different behaviors, styles and capabilities. It often involves gaining clarity of what success is and creating authentic leadership styles.

We also coach around personal transitions such as re locations or key life events, where business performance depends on clarity outside work. Our coaching programs also focus on periods of instability, such as redundancy and restructuring, providing a positive focus and enabling individuals to take charge of the change affecting them.

Everything we undertake is geared towards accelerating performance. We seek to develop skill sets, focus on ambitions and improve personal awareness, confidence and self-belief. Talking Talent provides quality comprehensive management and reporting to maximize program success, as well as ensuring the talent pipeline is increasing at all times.

By drawing on extensive techniques including NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), emotional intelligence and positive psychology, our work with individuals raises their personal awareness and ability to realize their potential. We use a range of tools in our coaching to enhance thinking, provide robust challenge and support people to move ever forward, exploring their individual and commercial goals.

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