RSM Case Study

RSM case study

RSM Case Study

RSM's Need

With the increased competing demands of work and home brought on by the pandemic, RSM needed an infrastructure for supporting working caregivers, particularly in the areas of priority management, capacity conservation, self-awareness, and boundary setting.    

Project Overview

RSM International is a multi-national network of accounting firms, forming the sixth largest accountancy professional services network in the world.  

RSM US has approximately 13,000 professionals and many of them are working parents and caregivers. RSM’s Family First Employee Network supports employees with family commitments through programming, events, and the promotion of various family-friendly benefits. However, given the unique challenges that working families face, especially during the pandemic, there was greater need for the practice of mindfulness to help reroute burnout and increase resilience.   

On a mission to better support their working parents and caregivers, RSM decided to work with Talking Talent because of the specialized focus on employee wellbeing.  

Challenges to overcome

  1. Work-Life Integration to help create a rhythm between career and family responsibilities 

  2. Boundary Setting to manage energy, clarify expectations, and boost productivity  

  3. Building Trust to empower decision making, break down division (us vs them), and encourage collaboration 

The Solutions 

To address the challenges, Talking Talent provided a series of dynamic mindfulness programming for RSM’s working caregivers. These sessions, which began at the start of the pandemic, were based on RSM’s specified needs and included in-person workshops, virtual webinars and coaching on the following topics: 

  • Work-life integration  
  • Insights and strategy on energy management, priority management, and boundary setting 
  • Learning and growing around mindfulness topics for working families  
  • Coaching exclusive to working fathers, supporting them with resilience strategies as dads in a dual-career family 
  • Resiliency tactics and values assessments 

The Benefits 

Since working with Talking Talent, RSM reported increased employee engagement, fulfillment, and trust, which we know leads to higher degrees of performance, increased productivity, lower absenteeism, and decreased turnover.

Also, participants have gone on to peer-share the concepts they’ve learned so that now others in the organization are also benefitting from the content.

"Working with Talking Talent has been a gift that keeps on giving!"

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employee engagement
Talking Talent took the time to understand RSM's values and weaved them into the delivery of the content. It made the content very relevant to the participants and very sticky, which was very beneficial.
Katie Schuhow, Partner at RSM

Coachee Responses

"Our coach kept us engaged. They were very knowledgeable and credible, shared very personal stories, and stayed on task and on time.” 

“The facilitator was very inclusive, relatable, empathetic, and non-judgy. She built trust with the group early on.” 

“The instructor brought positive energy and engaged with us well even virtually.” 

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