Lockdown 3.0

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Lockdown 3.0

We’re here to help.

To help you and your people get through the next 6 weeks.

Last year, when we first experienced these unprecedented times, we hosted a series of mini-coaching webinars designed to help you cope through COVID-19, so we thought we'd make all of the recordings available again, along with top tips, helpful and informative articles, and videos. 

You'll find everything below, but feel free to contact us if you need something different.

Remember - we're here for you.

Covid-19 on-demand webinar series

Feel Good Fast-Track: Wellbeing during times of uncertainty with Rob Bravo

When you’re thrown into unexpected change, it’s normal to jump into survival mode, but in turn, it can impact resilience & performance. We’re here to help you hit ‘pause’ before the panic sets in. This session gives you the opportunity to discuss ways to stay well and maintain self-compassion in stressful times. You’ll come away with wellbeing strategies for head, heart & health – so you can look after yourself and others around you too. Access here

The Good Enough Parent: Prioritizing the essentials during unprecedented times with Lucinda Quigley 

Want to feel like you're coming out on top as a working parent? We'll help you get your priorities straight for these tricky times. In this session, we’ll cover the practical and emotional aspects to being a ‘good enough’ parent, including how to cope with overwhelm and clarity on what your children really need from you. Access here

Managing Fear & Anxiety Through Times of Change with Rob Bravo again 

With everything going on, and constant news updates, it's easy to feel anxiety creeping up on you. We’ll show you what’s happening in your brain when you’re feeling stressed, and give you some simple strategies to help you cope – as well as support others around you. Access here

Managing Mindset: Staying positive through the unknown (For parents and carers) with Sharon Hart 

A snappy session on keeping yourself in check and staying positive in the face of lots of uncertainty. Find out how to fine-tune your focus and model mindset for your family. Access here

Virtual Belonging: Sustainable connection for teams with Beks (Rebecca) Hourston  

In this session, we look at the what belonging means and help you identify the working environment you most want to create in this new normal. You’ll get tips to help you master your mindset,  find perspective on virtual team-working and create sustainable connections with your colleagues. If your team is feeling ‘remote’ then this is the session for you. Access here

Recharging for Results: Self-compassion for leaders with Lucy Dale  

If you're a manager of a team, you'll have double concerns - your team and your targets. This crisis is turning into an extended one, and the only way to keep your team performing is to keep yourself energized. Our session gives you the space and permission to focus on yourself as a leader, with quick tools to re-charge so you can maintain your results. Access here

Business as Unusual for Working Parents and Carers with Sarah Gourley  

In our constantly changing environment, it’s critical for working parents to adopt new strategies to maintain focus on their work and life priorities. This session will offer priority management tips and tools that you can easily adapt and adjust to fit your personal situation. LINK TO FOLLOW

The Transition back to Work

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