Balance and boundaries.

Today many of us struggle with feeling overwhelmed and over-extended, and we feel that every day is a ‘race against the clock’. We are constantly playing ‘catch-up’ with the whirlwind of commitments. Read our tips on maintaining balance and boundaries.

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The real cost when SHE walks out the door - £millions

4th May 2021

For businesses to thrive in today’s competitive global economy, we know that retaining the most talented employees is crucial. Frequent voluntary attrition impacts employee morale and productivity, and most importantly it has detrimental effects on turnover and profits. Numerous pieces of research, including the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)...

Cracking unconscious bias

13th April 2021

Our CEO Chris Parke looks at unconscious bias training and why it's not a quick fix for businesses striving to be more inclusive. Read more in Training Journal here.

Teresa Hopke of Talking Talent -North America: “Get commitment from the top”

11th April 2021

Headline news item directs to the interview with our CEO North America in Thrive Globala as part of the series exploring ‘5 Steps We Must Take To Truly Create An Inclusive, Representative, and Equitable Society’.

Teresa Hopke of Talking Talent -North America: “Get commitment from the top”

10th April 2021

Read Thrive Global's interview with our CEO North America exploring 5 Steps We Must Take To Truly Create An Inclusive, Representative, and Equitable Society’.

Help your working parents become boundary ninjas and avoid the ‘work-life blur’

6th April 2021

Even in ordinary times, many parents struggle to balance work and family commitments. Add working from home and the challenges Covid-19 has brought into the mix and these struggles are amplified, creating a real ‘work-life blur’. Your working parents need to balance their conflicting and sometimes overwhelming responsibilities by setting...

Women are falling foul of business reporting complacency

26th March 2021

Government figures show that nearly half of 10,000 eligible employers chose not to submit pay gap figures last year and are at risk of losing employee trust. Read more from Talking Talent's Womens Leadership expert, Rebecca Hourston, in this The HRDirector article.

How to Hold Space for Your Coworkers (& Why You Should)

23rd March 2021

Talking Talent's Anu Mandapati, VP of Inclusion with Purpose, North America, and Teresa Hopke, CEO of North America, contribute to this piece for InHerSight that explores how you can become a better ally, how to listen and hold space for your coworkers, and what does it really look like in...

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a C-Suite Executive

21st March 2021

Read this insightful interview with Teresa Hopke, Talking Talent's CEO, North America that appeared in Authority Magazine.

Why the 'nice guy' penalty disadvantages all workers

16th March 2021

Chris Parke our CEO contributes to this article from the BBC looking at research that suggests men are distrusted and passed over at work when they exhibit qualities stereotypically assigned to women. Read more and see how fixing this would benefit everyone.

'Parental burnout' searches up by 5,000%

11th March 2021

Working parents, in particular, have been at risk of ‘parental burnout’, with women taking on more family and home-schooling commitments alongside their job responsibilities. Read more in this article from MyGrapevine.