The Millennial March

Millennial March

Beware The Millennial March

We need to support all our employees the best we can, right? With millennials now making up the largest percentage population of the workforce, it’s clear that businesses need them to succeed, they need to move with the millennial current. But will they stay, and stay engaged?

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The Millennial Parent

Are they in your organization and are they engaged? 

Millennials are now beginning to have children, starting families of their own, founded on these same values, signaling the start of massive social changes to how we live and work.

This digitally native generation is witness to complete political and social change alongside immense technological advancements that have altered our entire way of living.  This impacts every area of their lives, resulting in uncertainty and lack of trust in bedrock institutions.  Tradition stands for little in the new era we’re entering. 

How well do you know the Millennial Parent?

  • Nearly 50% will leave a job within 2 years if needs aren’t met
  • 87% value professional development opportunities
  • 57% want better support from managers during the parental transition
  • Over 2/3 would value specialist parental leave coaching
  • 1 in 2 consider becoming a parent as the no.1 pinch point in their career

Prioritize your people

Family-friendly equates to financial success with firms who adopt a family-friendly approach to working hours and other employment practices rating themselves ‘above average’ on financial performance and productivity.  Research shows that when employees are supported with a healthy work-life balance, their engagement, well-being and the company’s financial performance all benefit. 

Don't let them get away, fix the crisis with the right support.

The first offering of its kind, Talking Talent’s digital platform makes working parent coaching economical and scalable – as well as for working parents of all ages.

Because when you support your working parents, you supercharge your business.

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