Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Creating an inclusive culture where people and business thrive

Unlock the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Talking Talent helps you create a culture of belonging where people can do their best work.

How inclusive are you, really? 

Companies report they are highly committed to diversity, but that commitment has not translated into meaningful change.

Find out why.

  • Dispel the myths about inclusion in your organization.
  • Pinpoint the ‘experience gaps’ where employee reality doesn’t match the talent practices you promote.

We create a plan that’s grounded in truth. Focus on the shifts you need to develop a culture where everyone thrives.

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Diversity coaches

Coaches provide leadership development for diverse talent.

Give underrepresented employees access to confidential coaching. Coaches provide objective guidance, helping employees gain clarity and form a game plan.

  • Level the playing field for professional development
  • Provide a safe space for crucial conversations

Courageous conversations

Coaching circles bring people together to share their experiences and the barriers they face. Gain a newfound awareness of what is really happening in your organization and create connections so people can tackle challenges together.

Real voices create real change. Help them speak up.

Learning experiences

All Talking Talent learning experiences are coaching-led. That means we lead by “talking together” not “talking to.”  

Inclusive Leadership

For many business leaders, the case for diversity and inclusion is clear. They get it – mostly. What they’re missing is just how to make a difference.

In this session, we help leaders understand how to show up for inclusion in a practical way. Until your influencers understand what inclusion really looks like, it’s hard to achieve lasting change.

Mindful Inclusion

The research is pretty clear: Unconscious bias training is not effective. When people believe everyone around them is biased, they feel more comfortable with their own limiting beliefs. Hello, lost ground.

Mindful Inclusion sessions focus on active inclusion. When people see others trying hard to be inclusive, they do the same. It’s that oh-so-pivotal nudge in the right direction.

Intentional Allyship

Allyship is not an identity. It is about purposeful actions that support and uplift others. This coaching session empowers people to be an advocate for change and gives them the tools to be an effective ally in the workplace – through everyday interactions that support others.

Intentional Belonging

Feeling like you belong has never been more important. Participants will explore how well their needs are being met at work and what support they need to continue delivering at potential.

Talking to Your Kids About Racism

Designed for parents, we explore current events and ways to talk about race and diversity with children.







One-to-one and group coaching

Establish a safe space for conversation, learning, and growth.


Ground development in wellbeing and sustainable habits.


Baseline, benchmark, and outcomes data tie to your goals.


Get aggregate, anonymized data on coaching trends. Understand where focus is needed.

Blended coaching

Combine coaching with digital microlearning to reinforce growth.


Assess your current state, build a business case, and chart a course forward.

Learning experiences

Virtual workshops bring teams together to create newfound awareness and behavior change.

Digital toolkits

Digital tools make growth accessible to your entire workforce.

Talking Talent brings people together.

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