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Beware The Millennial March: Meet Working Parents Demands or Face Demise

We need to support all our employees the best we can, right? With this digitally native generation now making up the largest percentage population of the workforce, it’s clear that businesses need them to succeed, they need to move with the millennial current. But will they stay, and stay engaged?

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Are fathers now experiencing the same pressures mothers have for decades?

Great strides have been made to level the playing field for mothers and fathers at work. But then why do half of working fathers in Asia-Pacific believe that leveraging those equal opportunities have a detrimental effect on their career? And why do seven-in-ten dads feel that their career progression slowed down after having a child?

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Expecting more than a baby. Closing the employee experience gap for working parents.

The experience and expectations of working parents are changing, and employers must adapt. Click here to read both our UK and US research reports and see how policy and practice don’t align and what we must do to close the employee experience gap for working parents

UK report

US report

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Talking Talent acquires top US coaching consultancy, Life Meets Work

Acquisition of the US market leader in working parent, emerging leader and career/life support and coaching solutions will boost our growth, increase our global client portfolio and enable us to broaden our range of face to face and online coaching and consulting services for clients around the world.

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Our success in numbers

We helped EY increase the number of women returning to work after parental leave to 94% saving £16.6m in attrition costs in year 1.
Lloyds Banking Group launched our Women in Leadership coaching programme which saw over 50% of the cohort get promoted within the year.
Retention has increased from 84% to 97% at Citi as a result of a blended coaching programme for women, managers and new fathers.
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At M&S over 40% of senior positions in the UK are now filled by high performing women, accelerated by our Female Leadership Development Programme.

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