Diversity & Inclusion


Creating an inclusive culture where people and business thrive

At Talking Talent our coaches unlock the power of inclusion, embracing diversity and helping your business to grow.

We’ll work with you to develop diversity, equality and inclusion coaching strategies tailor-made to resolve your unique challenges. Our holistic solutions complement each other and evoke real systemic change, creating lasting behaviour change and tangible benefits for your business.

Re-engage your employees, increase innovation and create cultures of belonging where people can do their best work.

Because investing in inclusion impacts performance. 

How inclusive are you, really? 

We can help you to understand and define the culture and behaviours you want in your organisation. Once we understand the culture you aspire to achieve, we can create a coaching plan that’s grounded in truth, guiding the recommendations to embrace inclusion. Our diversity and inclusion consulting services focus on identifying the behaviours you need, developing a diverse culture where everyone has an equal chance to do well. 

Together we’ll create a culture of inclusion. 

Coaching for conscious inclusion

Recognising and embracing employee differences continues to be a challenge within organisations. Not because people are negative or consciously biased, but because they are operating within their own cultural norms and are not aware that their own inherent thinking and perspectives influence their actions in ways that could be seen as exclusive.

Unconscious bias training is not the solution. It provides the awareness but lacks the practicalities of how to become consciously inclusive. Our coaching takes it a step further.

We provide your people with the experiences and insights that they need to become more effective at creating an inclusive environment, where everyone can make their strongest contribution. Develop leadership behaviours that drive beliefs and a feeling of belonging and authenticity.

Conscious inclusion creates real cultural change.


Inclusive Leadership. Following the Leader 

For many business leaders, the case for diversity and inclusion is already clear. What’s lacking is a practical understanding of how to make a real difference. We help senior leaders understand how to put inclusion at the heart of their roles in a meaningful way.  We coach the skills they need to unlock the power of diversity through inclusion, by creating a strategy and communicating it effectively. This alters behaviour with a top-down approach for sustainable change.

That’s what we call leading by example.

Get Them Talking 

We understand the power of conversations.  We facilitate dialogues; safe spaces for courageous conversations where your people can talk openly about the barriers and issues they face. This enables people to share their lived experiences and creates a newfound awareness of what is really happening in your organisation, operating as a tool to tackle institutional issues around inclusion.

Real voices create real change. Help them speak up. 

Unlocking the Power of Diversity 

Far fewer people from diverse backgrounds rise to leadership positions in the UK. That can end now. We help organisations accelerate the growth and development of underrepresented talent through coaching. Our coaching is tailored to address the unique needs of women, black employees, LGBTQ people, Latinx employees, and other underrepresented groups. We help create more authentic leadership, increased emotional intelligence, connection, and understanding of intersectionality and layers of identity.

Do more with diversity. 

Standing Together, Supporting One Another

Our founder, Chris Parke has always been an ally for inclusive cultures with belonging at the heart of them – it is the foundation of our business. Allyship is not an identity. It is about developing your culture through purposeful and intentional actions to support and uplift others, acting consciously and conscientiously to create real and lasting change. This is what contributes to an inclusive organisation that promotes belonging and benefits others. Our coaching empowers people to be an advocate for change and gives them the tools to be an effective ally in the workplace, through everyday interactions and in-the-moment interventions that support others.

Together we are stronger.

Blended Coaching Approach  

Our blended approach means that all of our programmes combine ‘in-person’ coaching with digital content to extend and enrich the programme, making coaching accessible to your entire workforce in an inclusive way. Our digital offering ensures continued learning and reflection, maintaining business continuity long after the live programme ends.

Enriching the learning with a seamless blended experience. 

Wellbeing                          is important to us 

All of our programmes have a focus on wellbeing and sustainable performance in a proactive and preventative way.  We aim to peel back the layers, creating a multi-dimensional approach to work and life to create sustainable habits that reduce stress, prevent burnout and build resilience.

We integrate wellbeing into all of our work. 

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