Coaching Consultancy Pioneers Programmes Online

Coaching Consultancy Pioneers Programmes Online

Coaching Consultancy Pioneers Programmes Online

February 7, 2017 | comments

7th February, 2017: Over 10 years ago, global coaching consultancy Talking Talent pioneered working parents’ coaching, a service that has been widely viewed as a significant step forward in the corporate world. Today, Talking Talent builds on that legacy by announcing the global launch of Talking Talent Onlineᵀᴹ, the next generation of coaching which takes aspects of its physical coaching programme and makes it truly virtual.

Talking Talent Onlineᵀᴹ helps working parents, and managers of, thrive at work. It guides and inspires individuals to learn more, do more and become more. Talking Talent Onlineᵀᴹ provides a welcoming, reflective space, with fresh, bite-size and easy to access ideas that give people choice and inspiration, changing their perceptions and sparking change.

The ability to access coaching support on-the-go and on demand is extremely important to the busy professional, especially working parents with dual responsibilities. Talking Talent Onlineᵀᴹ does this in a high-touch way, accessible on any internet enabled device across the globe.

Traditionally live coaching support is only offered to mid-senior level professionals. Talking Talent Onlineᵀᴹ changes that by enabling organisations to efficiently support all individuals regardless of seniority.

Talking Talent Onlineᵀᴹ works as a standalone solution or by enhancing live coaching programmes by integrating seamlessly and providing different options for individuals to access content and support in different ways, 24/7.

Astrid van Waveren, Head of Talking Talent Online said, “We’re really excited about the launch of Talking Talent Onlineᵀᴹ. There are many online courses out there, but nothing in the realm of true coaching support. It really is a unique solution, offering all the coaching support an individual needs all in one place, and tailored specifically to suit them.”

“So many of our clients want to offer consistent support across their businesses and across different regions. Our new coaching platform allows them to offer high-touch support in a scalable way. With our online communities and content from multiple regions, we are enabling their people to get support and guidance no matter where they are.” She added.

Sarah Churchman, Head of D&I, PwC said, “We chose to use Talking Talent Online as part of the blend of support that we offer working parents at PwC – it complements the coaching programme and other initiatives, by offering 24/7 support and a place that people can go to for expert guidance even when they’re on leave. As a business, it also means we can extend this kind of expert support to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. We want to support our people who have busy lives, helping them create sustainable careers here at PwC, and making the transition smoother for the business and the wider team. The key benefits for us are the increased engagement of new and expectant parents at the firm, the improved communication between line managers and their team members, and maintaining business & team performance during periods that could be much more challenging without this kind of support.”



About Talking Talent

Talking Talent is the leading provider of consultancy and coaching for women and working parents in the UK and is at the forefront of developing the female talent pipeline across the globe. 

Through listening to its coachees’ personal challenges, hopes, fears and ambitions, Talking Talent has developed bespoke, innovative and impactful coaching programmes. Talking Talent’s own flexible approach to working has attracted the very best in coaching talent and the company now employs over 50 of the most experienced coaches in the world, all with significant commercial backgrounds.

Talking Talent’s Top Ten achievements over the last decade:

1.            15,000+ women coached

2.            Supported 4,000+ managers

3.            More than 50 coaches worldwide

4.            100+ clients globally

5.            10 industry research studies and insight guides published

6.            80% of Lloyds Banking Group coachees promoted or given enhanced roles

7.            2,500 coaching sessions held over the last year alone

8.            £17 million of savings in 18 months (EY)

9.            13% increase in retention across maternity period for Citi employees

10.         18 of The Times top 50 Employers for Women are TT clients


For more information, photography or to organise an interview with Rebecca Hourston (Managing Director, Talking Talent), or Astrid van Waveren (Head of Talking Talent Online) please contact:

Laura Lally

T: 01491 821850



We are a coaching consultancy providing best in class coaching for working women and parents in the UK. Since our inception in 2005, we have delivered coaching to more than 15,000 women, working parents and managers, working across many industry sectors and all levels of business.


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